Automatic e-mail notification of new listings

Want daily notification by e-mail of new listings that match your search criteria?


This a free service that I need to set up for you, but once your e-mail address and your customized search criteria are in the system the process is automated to send you matching new listings the day they enter the MLS system.


You can choose more specific criteria than is available on the public searches.  See the left sidebar menu for ideas.  There are, however, a couple of caveats to keep in mind:


The more specific your search criteria, the fewer matching results there will be and the greater the chance that something good will fall through the cracks of either the limitations of our MLS database or the human error of listing agent data entry.  So, if you have the time to manually screen through several listings that are not great matches, it's a good idea to cast a wider net and not get too specific.  That will allow you to capture potentially great properties that are not accurately categorized in the system ... that happens all too frequently, especially for finer points like homes with fireplaces or properties on paved roads.


That leads into a second reality, that hard (numeric) criteria are easy to search, for i.e. 2-4 bedrooms, at least 2 baths, 5 to 10 acres, priced $350,000 to $500,000 ... and subjective criteria like "great mountain views" or "privacy and seclusion" or "trees" are not.  So choose your hard criteria and then manually screen the results for the softer side that appeals to you.  The delete key is easy for the properties that are not of interest.


p.s. -- These notifications include old listings that have just been renewed and sometimes price changes.




CONTACT ME with your wish list to start receiving new listing notifications now.

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