I work exclusively with BUYERS ...

From shopping for and locating a suitable property, to writing and processing the purchase contract through to closing, as a buyer's broker, I assist your search for and purchase of a home or vacant land in the Pagosa Springs area.


Bonnie and husband Dick in the home office

    Straight Talk - Solid Service in Pagosa Springs Real Estate

Want to know how I get paid for my work?

Every prospective Buyer does want to know that, and the good news is that buyers PAY NOTHING for utilizing my services.   Like most Realtors® I work on a commission basis.  I work as a Transaction Broker, and as such I am paid from the transaction if and when the real estate sale closes.  Within the MLS system, I accept as full payment whatever compensation the listing company is offering to the broker who brings the successful buyer to the closing table.


Working Relationship: Transaction-brokerage vs. Buyer Agency


Every real estate broker in Colorado is required to disclose to prospective customers/ clients early in their conversations regaridng real estate the different brokerage relationships available, which include Seller Agency, Buyer Agency and Transaction Brokerage.  Here is the BROKERAGE DISCLOSURE TO BUYER form.


Since I work as a buyers' broker, Seller Agency doesn't apply to my practice ... with one exception. My husband and I personally own several parcels of vacant land that are often for sale. Regarding those broker-owned parcels only, I must represent myself as a Sellers Agent.


Buyer Agency in Colorado is a legally binding relationship that requires a signed written contract between Buyer and real estate Broker for a stated period of time. Entering that relationship is somewhat like getting married for the duration of the contract. It binds you to your agent, it limits your freedom by formalizing your duties and obligations to your agent as well as your agent's duties and obligations to you. And it generally obligates you to pay your agent's commission fee, or at least the gap between the agent's fee and what the listing side is offering to pay. If you choose to formally contract with an agent, it's advisable to pick one that you are very comfortable working with. Divorce from a poor relationship is often emotionally draining and it can be legally messy.


I am licensed to be a buyer's agent and even got additional training to become certified as an Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR). However, from 2015 forward, I am choosing to simplify life for me and my buyers, avoid the entanglement of Agency contract altogether, and limit my practice to the default brokerage designation in Colorado, Transaction Broker. Nearly all of my buyers have chosen that relationship anyway -- they like not being bound to a formal contract and they especially like not being on the hook to pay part or all of my commission.


Transaction-brokerage in Colorado is the default working relationship between buyer/seller and their real estate broker. No written contact is required. A buyer's broker assists the buyer throughout a real estate transaction by performing terms of any written or oral agreement, fully informing the parties, presenting all offers and assisting the parties with any contracts, including the closing of the transaction, without being an Agent or advocate for any of the parties. A transaction-broker must use reasonable skill and care in the performance of any oral or written agreement, and must make the same disclosures as Agents about all adverse material facts actually known by the transaction-broker concerning a property or a buyer's financial ability to perform the terms of a transaction and , if a residential property, whether the buyer intends to occupy the property.


Relationship-wise, if Agency is like being married to your broker, Transaction-brokerage is more like going steady with your broker -- without a ring to seal the bond. A committed handshake will do. Since there is no marriage (Agency) contract, there is also no formal divorce necessary if either party decides the working relationship is unsatisfactory and wants out of the relationship.

Bio - Want to know how I ended up in Pagosa?

Savvy helping me put on snowshoesIn 1994 my husband, Dick Babillis, and I came home to a place we'd never lived before, Pagosa Springs, Colorado.


We discovered Pagosa in March of 1991, at the front-end of a proposed 3-year national search for the perfect place to "retire". Well, the first leg of that search brought us to Pagosa, via a Timeshare exchange in Fairfield (now Wyndham). We fell madly in love at first sight and spent our vacation week studying subdivision maps and tramping around lots on rented snowshoes in T-shirts. That sunny week in the snow and the fresh mountain air was glorious, and sunshine was one of our main criteria for relocating. The Cincinnati area has about 80 days of sunshine a year; Pagosa Springs has 300+. Before we left town that week we had purchased a 10-acre parcel in the Alpha subdivision, and our 3-year search just disappeared ... we had found our perfect retirement spot.


Back in Cincinnati, I was a veterinarian. I graduated from Purdue University in 1971, and practiced small animal medicine for 23 years. I raised and showed dogs for several years, as a primary hobby. Then I switched from dogs to cats, and spent my last seven years in Ohio specializing in feline medicine, establishing the first cats-only practice in the Greater Cincinnati area. In May of 1994 I bid my feline patients farewell, left Cat Care in the able hands of its new doctor/owner, and Dick and I headed west to our new life in Pagosa Springs.


Dick and Bonnie rowing on Lake PagosaTotally awestruck with my new home in the San Juan Mountains - I went back to school and got a real estate license. Being a REALTOR® allows me to spend time on the land, with a purpose. That purpose includes sharing what I have learned about this area, and about buying real estate here, assisting newcomers and residents in finding and purchasing their special home or parcel of land.


From a non-salesperson's point of view, what's great about being a REALTOR® in Pagosa is that the area sells itself. Pagosa Country is a year-round recreational paradise, with blue skies and sunshine prevailing, majestic mountains, abundant wildlife, friendly small town charm - and rivers run through it. The Creator did an especially fine job here!